by Matt taken from West Side Studio on January 23, 2014

In the few years I’ve been living in Toronto, I’ve come to realize that this city has a real affinity to dining out. The options are bountiful, and if you’ve spent any time on College St. over the last 10 years, you know they come and go in a flash. The number of restaurants in the downtown core alone is actually quite staggering, and if you’re not an adventurous diner, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Providing a solution to this predicament, is the Toronto Life Eating & Drinking Guide, a collection of the year’s best in all things food and beverage. Featuring reviews from over 1000 restaurants, bars and more – the annual has become a definitive advisor to many

looking to navigate Toronto’s food scene. This year’s cover can be found all over the city – as selected businesses are given a window decal to proudly showcase their achievement – and it was captured by our girl Vicky Lam!

Here she is to tell ya more.

I’m always curious about finding good eats around the city, so it was a great pleasure to be asked to photograph the cover of this year’s Eating & Drinking Guide for Toronto Life. Director of Photography, Daniel Neuhaus, enlisted the help of Food Stylist Linsey Bell to help us create a wondrous pile of pancakes.


The day started off when the folks from Barque dropped by with some of their duck and blueberry pancakes. I have a soft spot for pancakes as they always remind me of the annual Stampede breakfasts back home in Calgary. However, much to my dismay, we didn’t get to eat a single pancake the entire day. Instead, we sorted through all of them, sacrificed a few, and narrowed it down to only the best looking ones worthy of a cover shot.



It took a few tries, and lots of maple syrup to get it right, but we remained focused and prevailed. Here’s our final shot, along with a close up so you can check out that glorious detail!